Leading Lady feat. Sophia Lauren

by The Incomparable Shakespeare



Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's an ode to that special shorty in your life.


“Leading Lady”

Let’s make one thing clear
I’m Heathcliff Huxtable, you are my Claire
Whenever you’re near, you bring my best out
You make me smile even when I’m stressed out
Stroke my ego, say I’m the best out
I’m never held against the mistakes of your ex spouse
You held me down, never let a check bounce
Never entertain the rumors or let do doubt
Interfere with whatever we got
You’re beautiful in stilettos or Reeboks
We make beautiful music, they eavesdrop
You’re CL, so I guess I’m Pete Rock
Lil’ missy, you rode out with me
It’s a different world. I’m Dwayne your Whitley
No Storms, I’m Magneto, you’re Mystique
You’re all I know and ignorance is bliss see

I belong with you, you belong with me
I’m Larenz Tate, you’re Nia Long to me (I’m the only one for you)
you’re my leading lady,
I’m you’re my leading lady
You’re Sanaa Lathan, I’ll be Tay Diggs
We can have rugrats like Bebe’s Kids (I’m the only for you)
You’re my leading lady
I’m you’re leading lady

You’re Lauren London, I play T.I.
in ATL, so you know we’re gonna be fly
You’re my P-Y-T ma
Mi amor, looking so good in them Levis
you’re Michelle, I’m Barack
Ashford and Simpson: “Solid as a Rock”
Like Jay & Beyonce
Someday you can be my fiancee
You say it’s game, I see you face blush
You held me down when I ain’t even have a pay stub
When I cake up, you get a pay cut
Never stress about your hair or your make up
I know you’re beautiful, my mind’s already made up
Au naturale - no fake stuff
So whether done or in a bun shorty
Just know you’re the only one for me


Baby can’t nobody tell me
You’re my Oscar, I’m your Emmy
Play my part until the ending
Even after the credits roll there will be
Another Episode, you and Me
We’ll have the starring roles
The world will know
This love is for real

Chorus - END


released February 14, 2012
written by The Incomparable Shakespeare (@shakybaby) & Sophia Lauren (@MsSophiaLauren)
produced by Silver for Hard Target Production (@SilverHTP)



all rights reserved


The Incomparable Shakespeare New York, New York

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